Sunday, August 05, 2012

Full-Time Revival

While there aren’t a lot of verses about Caleb in the Old Testament there is a phrase which follows him throughout his life as it’s recorded in the Pentateuch... “Caleb wholly followed the Lord.”  What a statement to describe your life!  Who wouldn’t want to be a person who was said to “wholly” follow the Lord?

As we talk about revival this summer at Christian Life it is clear that revival will not be a part-time part of our life.  Revival isn’t easy.  It isn’t convenient.    Revival will be all-encompassing.  Revival will come when “all” of me wants “all” of God.

Caleb followed God when he was young AND when he was old.  Caleb followed in the wilderness AND in the Promised Land. Caleb followed God when no one else would.  Caleb wasn’t afraid of a giant or a battle. Caleb followed God with an undivided heart and never turned back no matter how long it took to see God’s promises fulfilled.  “Caleb wholly followed the Lord.”

I’ve been saying it each week, revival is not a weekend thing.  We can’t come to church, experience God in a powerful way, and then go back to life as usual during the weekdays and truly experience revival.  A divided life will never produce revival.  Our relationship with God needs be a 24/7/365 thing.  Start fresh with God again today.  Live with and for Him each and every day.  Live in such a way that when it’s all been said and done they will say of you, “________, wholly followed the Lord.”