Sunday, August 19, 2012

“Be My witnesses.”

“Be My witnesses.” -Jesus (Acts 1:8)

Our first mission as a church is to connect people to God.  One’s relationship with God is the most important relationship they will ever have.  It is the relationship that not only transforms this life but is the relationship that determines one’s eternal destiny.  The Bible is clear, this necessary relationship with God is only available through Jesus. (John 14:6)  Whether for the first time, or a prodigal coming back home, or in an ongoing growing relationship, our core purpose as a church is to connect people to God.

This idea of connecting people with God can also be found in our activ8 discipleship series that you can review at and click Watch Now.  As followers of Jesus we are called to be involved in active evangelism. Some of the final words of Jesus are a command to you and me, “Be My witnesses.”  Everyone you know would be better off with God at the center of their lives.  There is not one person you know that wouldn’t benefit from having that essential relationship with God.

Next Sunday, August 26th at 6PM we will be hosting the Greg Laurie Harvest America at Christian Life.  For 22 years Greg Laurie has held crusades around the country sharing the Gospel, inviting people to connect with God, and this year he is inviting churches across America to open their doors and to bring in a live simulcast, in order to proclaim the gospel on One Day, as One Church, with One Message.  Who can you invite to this very special event?  Who in your life needs Jesus?  Take time to make a special invitation this week.

We will be hosting a picnic as well as a great kid’s event during the Harvest America Sunday.  Take time to visit the church’s website for more information and keep next weekend in prayer.  Let’s believe God for a great harvest here and across America!