Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mother's Day - Part 2

In last week’s blog I had moms share about the greatest need in their lives. Here is one more response I wanted to share with you from a mom with grown and growing children. Jan E. shares…

“I feel the greatest need is keeping one’s perspective rooted in God and holding to one’s moral beliefs. There are so many pressures from the outside now - pressures to work so you can meet bills, pressures in the job, pressures to have your kids involved, pressures to give your kids the best, or to have the big home, the right clothing, a cool car. It’s easy enough to fall into traps and lose sight on what is important in our lives.

is a precious commodity, and it's difficult to balance time if you're working and taking care of a home and husband and kids and you've got the carpool going…and then there is still church!

Mom's need to look ahead, to think about what they want to be able to say years from now, to see what are the things they want their children and families to come away with at the end of their time on earth.

God HAS to be foremost in lives! We have family members who do not attend church, who never understood why church took priority for us, however, we also brought BACK family members to church because that was our talk, our focus. God is first, and then the people he has given us follow. That meant keeping our focused on prioritizing time and activities. With our kids, they were involved in sports and other things, but our rule was that if it meant a practice EACH Sunday that would pull the family apart from worship together, it was a no go. There are times Sunday worship cannot happen, but our church also has Saturday night, so we CAN make sure we are there.

We made it a priority to have dinner together each night as close to 100% of the time as possible. We set aside times to go places together - family trips, family vacations, and even parties we'd have or attend usually allowed the kids too because our friends felt the same way.

As we get older, we see family members and friends who have become ill and died. You don’t get time back. You possibly don't get to worship later or to call someone next week or to visit them next year. We don't know, so moms have to focus on who is around them and on who is utmost in their lives. All else will fall into place thereafter.”