Sunday, June 08, 2014

Experiencing life in real time.

Recently our Matthew ran in the 110m hurdles in the state track meet.  To say I was a proud dad would be an understatement.  His race would be the first of the afternoon.  I got my place staked out near the finish line long before the race started. I made sure my phone had plenty of battery to video record the race.  I was ready. I don’t know who was more nervous, Matthew or me.

As the runners got set I got my phone ready. And before I knew it the gun had sounded and they were off!  I cheered and watched through my phone screen.  It was hard to see, but that’s OK I could watch it over and over again when the race was finished.  I kept my hand steady and tried to match Matthew’s movement across the finish line which seemed like a blur.  I continued to cheer and met and hugged Matthew at the end of the track after he checked in with the time keepers.

I took a few more pictures of Matthew with me and his coach and then we went to watch the video of the race.  But it wasn’t there.  I couldn't find it.  Then I realized what happened.  I couldn’t believe it. I had forgotten to press record.  I missed it.  Watching my son race with the fastest in the state and I missed it.  All because I forgot to press record.

I don’t really remember the race.  I just remember trying to hold the phone steady while I cheered.  I really missed it.  But that’s not going to happen again.  Not because next time I’ll remember to press record, but because I’m going to start putting my phone down when I’m with the kids.  I don’t need a bunch of pictures and videos I’ll never look at again.  I need to start connecting with the events in their lives when they happen in real time.