Tuesday, May 27, 2014

20 simple lessons learned in 20 years of marriage

As Leslie and I celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary I thought I would share with you 20 simple lessons learned in 20 years of marriage.

  1. Love your spouse. (Use 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 as a guide.)
  2. Marriage is different than what I expected.
  3. Marriage is better than what I expected.
  4. Being a parent can be the hardest job on the planet. (So work together.)
  5. Be strong when your partner is weak.
  6. Spend time together. 
  7. Have a TV show you enjoy and watch together.  (And share the remote.)
  8. Encourage each other.
  9. Have a regular date night.
  10. Embrace your differences.  (Don’t try to change each other.)
  11. Use fun nicknames. (i.e. BooBear)
  12. Remember you’re on the same team.
  13. Be generous. 
  14. Figure out what is important and let the little things go.
  15. You won’t always win.
  16. Sometimes things don’t work out like you planned.
  17. Honor and respect each other.
  18. Talk it out.
  19. Have fun together.
  20. Don’t give up.