Sunday, October 14, 2007

second sunday 4

For a dream comes with much business and painful effort.
Ecclesiastes 5:3

second sunday
is here!

October 14, 2007
Comfort Suites
2480 Bushwood Drive
Elgin, IL 60124

There is a principle found from church growth studies that affirms the fastest way to grow a church is to plant a new one. I have no doubt that God desires to see his kingdom built with the birth of new churches throughout the USA and around the world. As with many of our members out west, it is our desire to see a Christian Life campus in the western corridor of Chicagoland. We will continue to be one church, just now in two locations.

This birth isn’t without effort however. Many people have been waiting and working behind the scenes to help make this launch happen. I salute those who have the pioneer spirit and are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to ensure success. I appreciate our staff that in many cases will be pulling double duty as we open our new campus. And by far the most important investment we can make, and so many are making, is one of prayer. My desire is to see God’s things done God’s way. When we are obedient to the heavenly vision God blesses and grows His church.

This is the weekend it all begins. It’s been a couple of years of ups and downs and sideways but the time has come. Be in an attitude of dedication and prayer for this historic weekend at Christian Life Church.