Sunday, September 03, 2006


Be still and rest in the Lord…
Psalm 37:7a (AMP)

This Labor Day weekend’s message is on the subject of rest from Hebrews chapter 4. I find it amusing how my children resist resting. Whether it be bedtime, naptime, or simply a moment in the day we want them to slow down and rest they fight it. Even when they are dead tired they stall as long as mom or dad will let them.

I remember those days as a kid of never wanting or thinking I needed a nap. Nowadays, I would jump at the opportunity to take an afternoon nap. My body would welcome the rest.

Rest is important. When we rest after a hard days work our body renews its energy to take on a new day. Simply put, good things happen when we rest and bad things happen when we don’t. Rest is so important that God commands it. He designed us to grow stronger through rest.

Read the 10 Commandments in Exodus 20 and notice the 4th commandment about the Sabbath is the longest one. Remember, God designed us for rest, but not just physical rest but mental and spiritual rest as well. We must disconnect from our crazy busy world every now and then and connect with God and the things He has deemed as eternally important. If we don’t there are consequences for breaking God’s law. Failure to follow God’s Word will leave us “unrested” in every area of our life.
So, don’t be like a child fighting your needed rest. Take time today and this week to disconnect from the world, connect with God, and rest.