Saturday, May 27, 2006


The carnival is moving in down the street at the Mount Prospect Plaza. That can only mean one thing. My wedding anniversary is coming up.

Twelve years ago when we were heading out of our wedding reception Leslie and I saw the carnival lights and we decided to take pictures of our wedding party on the Ferris Wheel. The whole carnival stopped to watch. It was quite the event. To this day it is one of our favorite wedding memories.

The Ferris Wheel that year was brand new. It was beautiful, clean, and fuchsia, which matched our wedding colors. It was perfect.

Each year at our anniversary Leslie and I make a pilgrimage to the Ferris Wheel. It’s now twelve years old. Not quite as beautiful and clean as it was. A few nicks and dents here and there. And the fuchsia is not quite as “in” as it was in the early 90’s.

No matter what is going on in our lives, good or bad, when Leslie and I step on that Ferris Wheel, a little older each year, we are taken back to our wedding and the lifelong commitment we made to each other. As we ride the Ferris wheel up to the sky, we sit close together, talk about the past year, express our desires for the new one, and reaffirm our love and commitment to each other. It is always a powerful moment of reconnection.

Perhaps there is something you can do this week to reconnect with God. Revisit a place you met with God, or a special book, or perhaps a passage of scripture, or a worship song. In a lifelong relationship connection is important. Find time to connect or reconnect with God this week.