Saturday, January 21, 2006

Our Children

So the next generation will know, and all the generations to come - Know the truth and tell the stories, so your children can trust in God.
Psalm 78:6-7 (Msg)

I am amazed each day as I watch my boys. I am amazed by their life, their energy, their growth, and the latest discoveries they make on a daily basis. But what amazes me the most is that God trusts me with these three little lives and that God gave Leslie and me the calling to provide, teach, and lead these boys to become the men of God they are called to be.

God amazes me again when I see the children we have at Christian Life. It seems each week more are being added to our care. Whether brought by a parent, grandparent, friend, or picked up in the church van, we have the opportunity each week to connect children to God. And it goes far beyond that…

Today, around the world, children are being taught the Word of God, scores of kids in poverty are being fed worldwide, and street children are being rescued from a life of utter desperation. This is all being done by Christian Life missionaries around the world.

What an amazing God we serve that allows us the opportunity to influence so many little lives. We are impacting a generation of children in the Kingdom of God. It starts with our children at home and spreads to the ends of the earth!